Dweghom // Hellbringer Drake

Prototype product - Painted by Den of Imagination

Prototype product - Painted by Den of Imagination

Plastic miniature (225mm length) I sculpted & engineered a couple of years back for the game Conquest - The Last Argument of Kings ⠀
by Para Bellum Wargames. ⠀

The miniature is created for mass production with plastic injection moulding and consists of 21 parts (Drake only) including an alternate head.⠀

Because of the way it's manufactured, many design choices had to be made early on. We knew from the start the number of parts and what the "direction of pull" should be. ⠀
That means, that everything you see, was intentionally designed & sculpted the way they are. This is a process where the guidelines from the factory drive the design of the miniature, not the other way around. Many parts of the drake had to be adjusted in order to be functional and consistent with the aesthetic of the "Dweghom" and the concept art. The howdah is a big part of that model and that means that we had to figure out a way for it to be glued on the body of the drake. Because of this, the legs were made in a way to work as keys for the howdah.⠀

Due to the numerous iterations required to make this model work as a final product, the project took around 6 months to be completed.⠀
Charidimos, Dimitris and I had to be in constant communication to make sure the design followed the strict technical guidelines and the original vision of the company. ⠀

I hope you like this project as much as I enjoyed working on it.⠀

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